Effect of tissues on people

Tissues were invented in 1924 in the form of facial tissues by the company Kleenex. From then on, the use of tissues was widely spread and it became a commodity used by everyone. It was first introduced as facial tissues by a company named Kleenex, later it evolved to toilet tissue rolls , then it took its other forms like paper towel, napkins etc.

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Even though tissue can be associated with the negative impact it has on the environment, its use has not declined. This shows how dependent people are on tissues. Recycled paper and tissues are being introduced to reduce deforestation, and by making pulp from the collected paper. But other negative effects like acid rain, formation of smog, release of greenhouse gases, air pollution, and water pollution all remain.

Before tissues were invented, the Romans used an L-shaped stick made of wood or other precious to clean up after using the restrooms. In public toilets, a sponge mounted on a stick was used, this used to be placed in brine water between uses. Tissues came up with a better and more hygienic method of keeping oneself clean.

Tissues are used in public restrooms. Due to the large number of people using the public rest rooms, it is common for the tissues to get over frequently. There were also cases where the tissue rolls were stolen. This is possible as the tissue  rolls used were small and could fit into any small bag easily.

Tissues made their way to houses as well. They started replacing towels while washing utensils because after wiping the vessels with towels during the initial few times, it got soggy and could no longer be used to wipe off the same amount of water as it could the initial few times, even after squeezing the water out. Even though the quantity of tissues that had to be used for this purpose was more, it did the job well.

Facial tissues are used for wiping the face dry after a face wash, to blow a nose. To wipe the face, a bath towel was used previously and handkerchiefs were used to wipe the nose. These are being replaced because it’s easier to use tissues once and throw it after it’s completely used up rather than to let it dry like handkerchiefs and wash it clean after its use or replacing the current handkerchief with another one.

Seeing this wide demand, the current jumbo tissue roll suppliers came up with the idea of jumbo roll. This doesn’t need to be frequently replaced, lasts long and is a more economical option.