How jumbo tissue came into existence?

Tissues are thin, soft and white materials used for a number of cleaning, wiping spilling and other hygienic purposes. Their demand has been ever increasing since the time they were introduced to the world as facial tissues. These were further developed to be used for more than just facial purposes. There are 1-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply tissues. They all are made of the same material but the difference lies in the number of layers of tissues which are used to make up the tissue. 1-ply has just one layer of tissue, this has lower water absorption and strength while using it for any purpose, and more quantity of tissue will be required. 2-ply has two layers of tissue making them stronger and more water absorbent compared to 1-ply. 3-ply has three layers of tissue making them the most water absorbent and strong among the three.

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To manufacture tissues, trees which have both soft wood and hard wood are cut down and their bark is scrapped off. These wood pieces are cut up into small pieces to forms wood chippings and separated to form batches. The wood chippings are then put into chemicals and large quantities of water and heated for a few hours till they turn soft and mushy and forms a pulp. This pulp is evaporated to get cellulose fibers, lignin and few other residues. This evaporated mixture then needs to be washed to remove the residues, leaving just the cellulose fibers. It is important to make sure that the lignin gets washed away properly otherwise in the long run the tissues made from this pulp may turn yellow. To this washed cellulose add bleach to remove all its color. During this time the manufacturers add chemicals depending on which type of tissue is being manufactured. They also add extra fragrance, dyes for color etc.

During the process of tissue conversion, the parent tissue rolls are cut into bigger tissue rolls than the regular ones. This gives the jumbo tissue rolls which are now widely famous. When tissues were such a commonly used product the jumbo roll tissue supplier started supplying jumbo rolls of tissues which were more cost-effective and lasted longer than the regular tissue rolls. These could be used for many purposes like in the kitchen, in restrooms, to clean and dust etc. These were also placed in public restrooms where the regular tissue rolls would get over fairly quickly and would require replacement.