Tips and Preventive Measures for Pest Control

Have you tried living in a home where pests are everywhere? Well, it is devastating. You hear screeching sounds at night. Your food is always contaminated. Some areas of the house are dirty. Your roof and walls are destroyed. Your neighbours don’t come to visit. You are always sick. These are just some of the things you experience when you have pests all over your home. However, we should not lose hope because there is still something we could do about it.

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AmeriFirst will tell us what we need to know about pest inspection. Let us read all about it below.

What You Need to Know About Pest Inspection

You focus on numerous aspects while buying a property, but many people tend to overlook pest inspection. Apart from checking the physical condition and structural integrity of the property, it is extremely important to inspect the place for any kind of pests and vermin.

In fact, make sure that pest inspection is included in the purchase contract. If the inspection does not meet the required standards, you can refuse the purchase of the property. Buying a house calls for a huge investment and you must take all the necessary precautions before putting your hard earned money in it.

Importance of Pre-Pest Inspection

Also known as pre-purchase timber pest inspection, it is carried out by potential buyers before they purchase a property. It is different from standard termite inspection as pre-pest inspection includes timber pests like borers, mould and wood decay fungi also. When you negotiate on the property, you must take into account the costs for treating these pests and remedying any prevailing conditions and repairing damages. Read more here.

One of the main things to do before buying a house is inspection. One should not forget about inspecting if there is already a pest infestation because it would be a problem on your part. It would also even affect the quality of the house for sale. Some problems are not obvious that is why you have to call experts to do it for you.

On another note, Bug Free  will tell us seven pest control tips to consider specifically if you are leaving the house for summer.

7 Pest Control Tips For This Summer

 When summer arrives, you just want to enjoy the outdoors. So, arranging a picnic or a barbecue is the perfect excuse not only to enjoy the good weather as well as to hang out with family and friends. However, with summer, you can expect lines of ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, spiders, among so many others.

So, here are 7 tips to make sure that you can enjoy any outdoor activity without worrying about this pests

#1: Block Your Home:

In order to pest control, make sure that you won’t let them invade your home or it will then be harder to put them away. So, repair any hole you might have and check if you have any gaps on doors and windows.

#2: Keep The Kitchen Cleaned:

Most pests are attracted to your kitchen. A simple pile of crumbs on the floor or on the counter can easily attract ants and other insects. So, in order to pest control, sweep your floors, wipe your counters, take out the trash regularly, and keep all the food well stored inside containers. Read more here.

You wouldn’t want to come back to a dirty and pest infested home after enjoying summer. That you should apply those preventive tips mentioned above. In addition, Faith Chua will give us eight DIY pest control hacks that every Singaporean has learnt well from their mothers. Let us read below.

8 DIY Pest Control Hacks Every Singaporean Has Learnt Well From Their Mothers

DIY Pest Control Methods

Whether big or small, creepy crawlies never fail to send some of us in a screeching frenzy when spotted – be it sneaky lizards waiting to attack or ants crawling all over that cake you might have been saving for dessert. Eek.

While we know that there are experts and professionals who are here to help, many of us rely on DIY hacks or “old wives tales” such as pandan leaves or chalk to get rid of pests. Here are 8 simple DIY pest control hacks we might have learned while growing up: Read more here.

So we could actually use materials such as egg shells, pandan leaves, peppermint tea bags, and other mixtures in order to keep pests away. We should hesitate in trying these methods because they might actually be effective. As they said, there is no harm in trying. Also, it is always important to have an early inspection and even though they found nothing, we should still apply these preventive tips in order to make sure no pests come into your homes.