Your Ultimate Queen Size Mattress Guide: Understanding Firmness Scale and Price Range

You have decided that you want to spend some good money on a Queen-size mattress. But you heard from others that each mattress has different firmness which corresponds to different body weight and sleep position. You also begin to wonder what is the best budget for a queen-size mattress since there are too many brands in the local market.

By the time you finish reading this article, be rest assured that information-wise, you will be well-equipped to hit the store and begin your mattress hunting trip.

First-hand testing

Firstly, when you visit the showroom make sure you test out the mattress. Lie down on each mattress for a while to know how it feels for real. If you plan to share the mattress with a partner, bring the partner along to the showroom. Some mattresses are not firm enough and couples can end up rolling towards each other while sleeping on it. Also try different sleeping positions; on your side, your back and your stomach to test your preference. Check out Sofzsleep’s latex mattresses and find the right mattress for you:


It is important for you to know that there is  an international scale for mattress firmness. The scale ranges from one to ten. Based on this scale, medium firmness falls between four to seven and usually this is the range suggested for common buyers. If you are not sure which firmness suits your need the best, always go back to this scale and look for what is in the medium range.

Normally, a mattress which is categorised as soft on the scale is more suitable for side sleepers because it supports spine alignment. Mattress with medium score can be further divided into two firmness level: medium soft and medium firm. Both firmness can be satisfying for back sleepers but the medium soft has been suggested for sleepers who like to change positions during the night. The firm type are mattresses that score eight to ten on the scale. A mattress at this firmness level is proposed for front sleepers, those heavier in weight and sleepers with back pain. The steadiness of this kind of mattress can ensure that the sleepers are in stable position while sleeping, avoiding their body from sinking into the softness of a mattress. A soft mattress can cause them lower back pain.

Price ranges

Understanding mattress firmness, you can now test out some of them in the showroom with more confidence. But before heading out to the store, let’s see what are the general tips on price tag? Queen-size mattress has a wide price range that you would be surprised by the huge gap. It is such due to differences in its material and quality. Always look for something over $400 for quality products with longer durability and choose the one that comes with warranty. At the very least, a Queen-size mattress of premium quality should have an average of eight-year lifespan. Anything over $1000 are considered to be higher end products. If you choose to buy online, make sure they allow for return of mattress after certain trial period.

Certainly, a Queen-size mattress is a worthwhile investment for your bedroom, but you must not be overwhelmed by its different level of firmness and price. Always make smart comparison before buying as all wise customers do.